Custom Dental Nightguards

This Company offers custom dental nightguards for treating bruxism [nighttime teeth grinding].  They are ultra-thin and low-profile, and use an advanced multi-layer soft/hard construction to provide the best combination of fit, comfort, protection and effectiveness, which in turn promotes compliance and relief.  Fitting is done in a dentist’s office with fabrication at a world-class manufacturing lab under very carefully controlled conditions.

The Company is first to market with custom nightguards that have FDA clearance.  The company’s QSR and ISO 13485 are complete; with reimbursement Code D9940.  An exclusive sales & distribution agreement is in place with Patterson Dental, with over 1200 sales representatives.  The Company has a proven management and technical team in developing and marketing sports mouthguards.

Red Oak is consulting with the Company on financial strategy and sources of capital to implement its growth plan.