This Company developed a fermentation system to economically produce ribose for energy drinks, cardiac health and related applications. Ribose is produced continually by the human body and is fundamental in all muscle and cell energy production. However, under stress conditions, the body simply cannot produce ribose fast enough to meet its needs. Supplementary ribose helps the body to recover energy naturally. Original research and patents were developed at the University of Minnesota.

The Company is recognized as the world leader with broad patent-protected applications for ribose relating to sports nutrition, energy recovery, medical foods, and cardiovascular health.

The Company has supplied Ribose to PepsiCo for its SoBe sports energy drink and Mt. DewX [and 18 other energy drink manufacturers] and is currently selling its medical nutrition products to numerous hospitals and clinics, including Florida Hospital [Orlando], Texas Heart Institute [Houston], Scripp’s [San Diego], Christiana Medical Center [Newark, Delaware] and others.

The Company is now focusing on medical applications of its proprietary technologies, including pharmaceutical products to treat fibromyalgia and cardiovascular diseases, and biologic products for the enhancement of the functionality of red blood cells and platelets.

In keeping with this plan, in 2011 the Company licensed its ingredients business for health care practitioners to a Canadian nutritional supplement company.  The Company divested its bulk ingredient business for dietary supplement and food & beverage use to a major China-based nutritional supplement company.