This Company has developed and is now commercializing a sub-maximal cardiopulmonary evaluation system which is less expensive, easier to use, and presents less stress and risk to the patient compared to traditional stress testing.

This device, which has received 510(k) clearance, provides several distinct advantages over the normal stress test procedures — this game-changing device and technology has strong interest and support from various doctors at the Mayo Clinic.

This patented technology has been validated by the Mayo Clinic. They plan to install this new system in the 60 Mayo Clinics worldwide. Additional work is planned with the Mayo Clinic with retrospective studies to prove the high level of sensitivity of this device.  Medical reimbursement for this testing is available under current CPT codes.

The Company is seeking financing to implement its commercialization plan and expand marketing & sales activities in the U.S.  In addition, further clinical trials will be undertaken to evaluate additional applications of the Company’s core technology.